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Welcome To ALL IN ONE Organization

A Nonprofit organization providing assistance for families and support for living a healthy lifestyle.

Indigo Norwood – Founder

Indigo Norwood was born in Akron, Ohio. Her family life was not as supportive as it should have been. She suffered abuse, neglect, and other injuries that still haunt her.

She often says ‘growing up I didn’t have the best of anything but I learned how to make the best of everything.


She attended Akron Public Schools. She ran track, played basketball, and was active in ROTC. Her plans were to enlist in the Marine Corp, but her life took another path.


Despite the horrible and abusive life, she experienced as a child, she did not let it stop her from hoping for better days. When she became an adult, and looked back on how hard she had it, but overcame it, she was motivated to start a nonprofit organization to help families in need. She also has the desire to help other young people who may be experiencing similar circumstances.


The mission of her organization All In One Family Services Network is to provide essential services and items for families in need, including but not limited to, food, household items, educational supplies, clothing and other needs of disadvantaged families. To provide disadvantaged families with resources and tools to become self-sufficient and to improve their self-esteem.


She has sacrificed and provided car seats, strollers, Christmas gifts, paid utility bills for single parents with children, food, and community events, out of her own pocket. Her future goals include becoming tax exempt and receiving grants and donations from the public to increase her ability to meet the needs.


She recently received an award for her work in the community from an agency that highlights women under the age of 30 doing positive things in the community.